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Recruitment Information Spring 2023

Info Sessions
  • Wednesday (1/18) - 6:00pm @ Reitz Union Room 2102

  • Thursday (1/19) - 6:00pm @ Reitz Union Room 2102

Week 1
  • Monday (1/23) - Brother Speed Dating 6:00pm @ MCCA 1142

  • Tuesday (1/24) - Bingo Night 5:30pm @ CSE E121

  • Wednesday (1/25) - Mocktail Mixologist Night 6:00pm @ CSE E220

  • Thursday (1/26) - Throwback Game Night 5:30pm @ CSE E121

  • Friday (1/27) - Life Sized Checkers 6:00pm @ Flavet Field

Week 2
  • Monday (1/30) - Throwback Game Night 6:00pm @ MCCB G086

  • Tuesday (1/31) - Charades 5:30pm @ CSE E121

  • Wednesday (2/1) - Interviews 6:00pm @ CSE A101


I’m Andrea, and I’m so excited to be your recruitment chair this spring! Coming into UF as a transfer student, I was looking for ways to be more active on campus. Finding Phi Sig has been one of the highlights of my college career. The friendships I have made and the leadership experience I have gained is irreplaceable. The people you meet and the memories you make in Phi Sig will last you a lifetime! I can’t wait to meet everyone and show how amazing Phi Sig is. 


Hi I’m Rachel and I’m super excited to be one of the recruitment chairs this semester. I joined Phi Sig because I wanted to make new friends that weren’t just connected to my major. I joined in Spring 2022 and although I haven’t been in it long, I’ve made connections that will last a long time. I can’t wait to introduce more people to Phi Sig and help create more memories for Spring 2023. 

The Three Pillars of Phi Sigma Pi: 
Scholarship. Leadership. Fellowship.

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Brother Requirements


  • 3.0 GPA after at least one semester completed at the University of Florida

  • Demonstrate through word and deed the qualities of scholarship, leadership, and fellowship

  • Complete the initiation program of our chapter

  • Meet any financial requirements

  • Have at least 2 semesters (not counting the current semester) remaining as an undergraduate student

More Than Just a Family


  • Phi Sigma Pi is more than just a diverse community on a large campus; it's an opportunity to gain leadership experience at the University of Florida.

  • With so many different majors, minors, interests, and life goals, joining Phi Sigma Pi might just help you find your niche. 

  • Come out to recruitment to learn more about all of the leadership opportunities you will encounter as a brother of Phi Sigma Pi!

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Non-Rush Activities


  • The Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi takes pride in operating above and beyond the standards of a clean recruitment, providing fun activities all school year for those who are interested in finding a community of friends who are striving for academic excellence and integrity. 

  • Outside of recruitment, brothers host events surrounding the three pillars of the tripod. 

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