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Send an e-mail to our initiate advisors at if you need any help! See their profiles below; they'd be happy to answer any questions you have!













 Hi! My name is Gabrielle and I'm a psychology major on the pre med track. Some of my hobbies are crocheting, sewing, working out, reading, thrifting, and cooking.  


 Hello! My name is Tanya and I'm a psychology major. I love reading and hanging out with my friends. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Phi Sigma Pi? 


Phi Sigma Pi is a gender-inclusive national honor fraternity based on a tripod of Scholarship, Leadership, and Fellowship. Today more then ever before, Phi Sigma Pi is an essential and useful part of the college experience. It includes every field of higher education with out emphasizing any particular field of study. The gender-inclusive national honor fraternity recognizes outstanding scholarship and leadership and promotes fellowship among its members.


What is the difference between Phi Sigma Pi and an Honor Society? 


Phi Sigma Pi has the distinction of being an Honor Fraternity as opposed to an Honor Society. The essential difference is that an honor fraternity seeks to organize the service, fund raising, social, and recreational potential of its members while promoting its dedication and respect for education and academic excellence. The honor society is an association rather than an organization and functions mainly to recognize past academic achievement of its potential members.


What is the purpose of Phi Sigma Pi? 


As an honor fraternity founded upon superior scholarship, Phi Sigma Pi strives to advocate academic ideals. Phi Sigma Pi also serves as a common social ground that encourages close friendships among its brothers. In carrying out the purpose of the fraternity, Phi Sigma Pi inspires its members to acquire a disseminate knowledge, apply professional skills through leadership, and foster fraternal fellowship.


What is the purpose of the Initiate Program?


The purpose of an initiation program is to prepare individuals for membership into Phi Sigma Pi. For these individuals to reach their potential as Phi Sigma Pi brothers and leave their mark on the fraternity's history they need to have a complete balanced understanding of the fraternity at the earliest possible stage in their association with Phi Sigma Pi. The individuals need to know the nature of the group, its goals, and how it functions by experiencing those things for themselves. The initiation program is a learning period as well as a time when both the individuals and the active chapter have the opportunity to assess whether or not Phi Sigma Pi is for them. The initiation program is also a time to build close and lasting friendships as well as develop pride and dedication for the organization.


How long is the Initiate Program? 


The initiation program for our chapter is 8 weeks long. 


Does Phi Sigma Pi haze? 


According to our fraternity's national constitution under Article XX, Section 1, Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity will not tolerate hazing, especially during the initiation program. Our Chapter initiates earn brotherhood through hard work and character development.


Do I have time to join Phi Sigma Pi?  


We will allow each student the time for their academic responsibilities, reasonable sleep, and reasonable campus involvement. Prospective members are in school for an education and a learning experience, both in and out of the classroom.



How can I join?   


Phi Sigma Pi holds recruitment events near the beginning of the spring and fall semesters where we allow potential new members to meet us and learn exactly what Phi Sigma Pi is all about.

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